Check out the July/August issue of MUSCLE AND FITNESS!!!!   Nice full page article on Ned Norton, Warriors on Wheels and the Hercules Project.   Look for us on page 58!!


Since 1988, Warriors on Wheels has provided the opportunity to hundreds of individuals with disabilities to empower themselves to greater independence.  Our fee is currently $10 for 10 visits and if you cannot afford it we waive the fee.  Over the years I have relied on the generosity of many friends to keep our program going.  From helping me demo and build our gym, buying and designing fitness equipment or helping pay transportation costs for those who cannot afford it our friends have made all the difference.  Because of our friends we are now  in our 27th year and are expanding our reach literally worldwide through the Hercules Project.  Because of the publicity of being named a Top Ten CNN hero, we are now not only helping empower people with disabilities in our gym everyday here in the projects in Albany, New York but also in places like Somalia, South Sudan, Darfur, Nigeria, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Mali all in Africa. The Hercules Project is going to bring our help to many places throughout the world especially to the poorest of the poor people with disabilities.  I am also speaking via Skype to school classes, giving training advice and answering emails from all over the world on a daily basis.  

It is an exciting time for us, and with the continued help of our friends we are looking to make as much of a difference that we possibly can.   Please consider supporting our efforts by making a PayPal donation to help bolster our efforts here at home and in places all over the world.    Thank you!!

Ned Norton 

Warriors On Wheels Fitness For individuals With Disabilities

​Warriors on Wheels

Empowering individuals with disabilities since 1988


You can make a general donation to Warriors on Wheels or you can designate your donation to the Hercules Project helping us to send FREE fitness/rehab equipment  to individuals with disabilities for home use, group homes for the disabled, Landmine survivors and war torn areas with little or no rehabilitation opportunities. We will send it anywhere in the world to people who want our help for FREE!! You can sponsor an international package for $500 and the recipient will be notified of your generosity. Any  size donation truly makes a difference and you can rest assured we will put it to good use!!

Warriors on Wheels Inc. Is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization EIN #14-1759164 and is registered through the NYS Department of Law Charities Bureau.

Thank you!!!